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Some people don’t realise that there are different types of personal training. Personal training Brisbane offers include one-on-one training, group training, corporate training, and fitness boot camps. One thing that all these types of fitness training have in common is that they are geared to help you reach the fitness goals that you have set for yourself.


Not Sure What Your Fitness Goals Are?

Don’t feel alone. Many people aren’t sure exactly what their goals are when they decide to give personal training a try. No matter which of the many types of personal training Brisbane offers you decide to trial, your personal trainer will help you to set goals that you can reach. Some people want to lose weight, some want to gain muscle mass, and some just want to be more physically fit in general. Talk to your trainer about why you decided to try personal fitness training. They can help you to narrow down what goals are most important to you.


What Sets Each Type of Personal Training Apart?


Let’s look more closely at the types of personal training Brisbane offers.

  • One-on-one: During this type of training you are working only with your trainer. You have exclusive attention from the trainer. They will discuss with you exactly what you want to gain from your training and what steps will be necessary to reach your goals. Some people really enjoy working with the personal, 1-1 focus to reach the goals they have set.
  • Group training: Group training offers you the chance to train with others who have set goals similar to your own. Some people like the motivation of training in a group and this is still a personalised approach to help you stick with the training program and reach the goals you have set. All of this at just a fraction of the cost a 1-1 session will be.
  • Corporate training: The increase in health awareness has prompted many companies to offer fitness training to their employees. There are a variety of different options that can be made available to employees depending on what the company chooses. As this is relatively new to Australia, many companies simply pass on the cost to employees and the business offering the services provides a discounted rate.
  • Fitness boot camps: Fitness boot camps offer a change from normal fitness training programs. They are a great way to get results fast and the exercise levels are suited to all. Like everyone, when you first start a fitness regime your fitness levels are low, to build them quickly you need to be consistent. A boot camp offers you the motivation to do just that.


Which Type Of Personal Training Is Right For You?


You are the only one who can determine the best type of physical training for you. However, with the variety that personal training Brisbane offers there is sure to be a

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