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Why Train with The Fitness Specialists?

Are you considering training with a personal trainer? You might be struggling to find the motivation, maybe family or work pressures have been holding you back from achieving your health goals. Have you started a fitness regime only to find it impossible to stick to more than a few weeks? If this sounds like you, then we understand.

For the last 15 years, we’ve been helping busy people conquer these life challenges to ensure they are at the top of their game, to have more energy, better deal with stress and mood swings. What sets us apart is our personal tailored approach to each client. We use a private space, where there’s never more than two trainers in at one time. 

Our personal approach means we stand by your side through the ups and downs of life. We are there to deliver a session to you whether you’ve had the best or the worst week. What matters, is your move your body, shake of what is not required and move forward stronger and more energetic.

We’re big on helping you achieve balance between your work and your personal health so that you can achieve the results that you’ve always wanted. Fitness and health isn’t a destination, it’s a journey and we’re here to show you the path.

Claim your complimentary 45 minute personal training session and personalised health plan now and experience The Fitness Specialists today. It’s never too late to change your body and mind, never.



Each one of our passionate team members is a well-established expert in their own field. They come from a wide range of different fitness and health backgrounds to help you create an all-round healthy lifestyle.


We understand what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle in a busy environment. That’s why we offer an integrated approach with multiple services all working together under one roof to help you meet your goals.


We are located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD (golden triangle) for easy access during the working week. We offer before and after work hours so you can find an appointment time that suits your work schedule.


Fit Your Health into Your Schedule

It’s never easy to start a fitness routine, let alone keep one going by yourself. Having a dedicated session that is booked out in your calendar is the first step. Putting aside you time is where it begins and knowing that nothing (almost nothing!) can get in the way of your “me” time, is stage one. We’ve got plenty of parking, are flexible with early mornings, later evenings and of course during the day too, there’s always somewhere we can find that suit both our schedules.

Your training sessions can be as short as 45 minutes or as long as 60 too. We are committed to helping you fit your sessions in each week. We also do our very best to find alternate training times when unavoidable events/meetings come up. If you’re busy, then training with a Personal Trainer is the easiest way to make the most out of your time at the gym!

One-on-One Personal Training vs The Gym

As each clients needs are different, we have many different solutions to suit. Working privately with a personal trainer is the guaranteed way to be certain you are doing things the right way and are on track to achieve your goals.

We customize each session, working around any issues you may have and helping you improve each week. Whether you’re brand new to training or a seasoned athlete, we are here to help you become fitter, healthier, stronger and happier.

A gym is often impersonal and use a one size fits all approach. You are often left on your own in a world full of experts. It’s an intimidating environment and one that leaves the newcomer feeling lost and unsure. A Personal Trainer is quite the opposite, your individual needs are our highest priority and each session is well thought out, planned and executed.. 

Keeping Things Interesting

Turning up at a gym is overwhelming, there’s so much to think about, to be intimidated from and an easy way to make excuses to not get the body fitter and stronger. We take the time to plan your sessions, to be creative and more so, you don’t have to think, it’s just about doing. No matter what your goals may be, our professional Personal Trainers can and will create a workout plan that makes you tick.

We’re here to listen, to hold you accountable and keep things fun and interesting each workout. As you progress on your health journey, your goals and needs may change. With the extensive knowledge and wide range of expertise, we’ll always be able to offer you advice to help you stay on track and heading in the right direction.

Take a moment to have a listen to what our long term members say about us and when you’re ready, why not try us out, we’re here for you!

What our clients are saying about our personal training services…

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