Hitting your health and fitness goals


Welcome to 2015

The time is is here and the time has come to set the wheels into motion to achieve precisely what it is you want out of 2015.

“My Goal for 2015 is to accomplish my goals from 2014, which I should have completed in 2013, because I planned them in 2012.”

This a great time sit down, by yourself and firstly reflect on what it is you wanted to achieve and what is you want to achieve moving forward.

The following the goal setting sequence contains the KEYS to hitting newer heights that many dream about.


Changing 100 lives in 2015 – Commits your goals publicly here: facebook.com/PaddingtonPT



Ask yourself the question: What is it that I want to achieve in 2015? Then get more specific with different areas you wish to improve upon. Simply by asking good questions your brain will immediately begin to look for the RIGHT answer. That right answer is quite often from places we don’t look very often – deep within ourselves. It is so critical that in every moment we choose to look and feel good about our goals. Catch yourself asking and choosing the good and watch how much faster your goals come to you.



When you know what it is you want to achieve, your brain will automatically begin to show you images of what that desire is. This is a form of meditation that has been proven many times over to bring what it is you desire to fruition. The clearer the picture you have, the more times you “make it real” but not only seeing it but also feeling it – with every part of your body, the more chance that goal will occur. Of course it also takes work…


Changing 100 lives in 2015 – Commits your goals publicly here: facebook.com/PaddingtonPT




Now that you can see your goal, it’s time to take a no holds bar approach. If you haven’t seen the following YouTube clip before then I suggest you drop everything and do so. Take in each and every word and then commit your very being to your goal. Commitment is about a daily choice, do you choose to wake up and tell yourself a story or do you wake up knowing your on the path to achieve your goal?

People say they are not a morning person, keep telling yourself that story and keep watching your dreams float by. It starts with the first thing that pops into your mind when you awake. Actively choose what thoughts you allow to enter and train train train your brain until it is so powerful that you are consciously aware of each thought. Your brain is a muscle and it does listen to you so sow good seeds.




Finally, write your goals down and place them somewhere where you can see them EVERY DAY. Spend the time to actively think (visualise) them. Review them regularly by asking good questions. If your goal is weight loss then ask yourself at every meal (80/20 rule): Is what I am choosing to eat RIGHT NOW moving me closer to my goal or further away? Just by having your goals around (visually) you will actively choose to begin thinking about them. Just remember to ALWAYS give GOOD feeling towards those goals.

Make the choice everyday to achieve your goals in 2015, feel good about them and bring them forth to you.


Changing 100 lives in 2015 – Commits your goals publicly here: facebook.com/PaddingtonPT



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