The hCG fat elimination cycle works in a way that you may feel is contrary to common held beliefs–amongst them that fat loss is a simple matter of calories in versus calories out. Meaning that if you expend more energy than that which you take in as food, then fat loss will result. This may certainly be a workable solution for some, but is by no means a formula that can be equally applied to the whole population, especially as we age. Issues such as hormone or other health issues (particularly those related to digestive tract) or effect on the metabolism due to long term dieting/calorific restriction, etc, all come into play.

Even those who have previously trained or still continue to do so, issues can compound over time that make fat loss more of a battle. No doubt you have read numerous different fat loss articles on “Breaking that Plateau” or “Tricking your Body”–from both a dietary and exercise perspective. These are of course all valid strategies to again start to trigger weight loss–for some and in some circumstances. If however you are one of the unfortunate number that no matter what you do you do not seem to be able to shift the fat–either for overall weight loss, or from a specific body part–then hCG could certainly be the missing “secret weapon”…

Where hCG differs from traditional weight loss programs is that it targets the fat….. but without a reliance on your physical output.

During an active hCG cycle a moderate level of non-strenuous exercise is recommended for the 3 or 6 week duration (length of treatment depending on how much weight you have to lose) ….however it is NOT mandatory to still experience fat loss. In fact too strenuous exercise can be counter productive, as during that active hCG cycle, your body is directed to focusing its energy on fat loss…….so high output cardio (running, cycling, etc) or intense strength based training (high-weight weight lifting) can compete for your energy pathway–possibly resulting in some level of fatigue.

Do not however let this be a reason to sit on the couch and wait for it to all happen!

Exercise will certainly help with the final outcome, being a firmer and more toned/shapely body, but we stress the word moderate.

This can include walking; recommend 30–45 minutes a day (up to 1 hour is great if you can fit it in an it does not tire you) and try to do this out in nature–whether with a partner, your baby or family, a friend or your dog – will make a remarkable difference to your overall well being…

….or anything that involves light weight-bearing strength training, stretching, yoga, or the like.

If you are already in training, you will find that you will not need to work at the same level to lose fat; however as hCG works to help preserve muscle tone, despite the reduction in your workout intensity, you need not be fearful that previous hard earned muscle gains have to be sacrificed in order to shed the fat. After your 3 or 6 week hCG elimination cycle you can quickly return to your normal level of training. With a more muscular and lean looking body shape (due to the loss of abnormal fat).

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