Group Fitness Classes

Here’s a snapshot of some of the group fitness classes we offer (they suit all fitness levels!)

  • Fat Burner is for fast weight loss and is one of our favourite group fitness classes
  • CoreFit will help develop that flat stomach and rock hard abs
  • Boxerise is one of our cardio classes that will be sure to get your heart rate pumping
  • Indoor Body Tone uses our indoor studio and equipment to help you get into great shape
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an awesome group fitness class that will get your blood pumping

At The Fitness Specialists, we believe group fitness classes should still be personalised. Therefore we limit our indoor sessions to 8 people and our outdoor to 12. This ensure you still get the attention you need during your workout classes.

We also have private one on one or one on two personal training available too and if you are looking to lose weight, then our expertise can certainly help achieve what you want.

Detailed overview


Fat BurnerFat Burner

Fat Burner is a total body workout focusing on helping you to tone up, slim down and shed those extra kilos. This is one of our cardio classes that offers the perfect solution to help you burn off excess calories and keep your body continuing to burn fat throughout the rest of the day. This class is a combination of high intensity cardio and resistance training, bringing your body straight into the fat burning zone to optimise your training results.



CoreFit is an innovative workout that works on your deep core muscles with strengthening exercises to achieve an all over body workout and get a tighter, flatter stomach. Although core classes are not always “fun exercises classes”, we do our best to make them as exhilarating and enjoyable as possible!

Strengthening your core will help your postural alignment and help you more easily carry out everyday activities.



Do you enjoy pushing yourself? Do you enjoy competing against others? Or do you just enjoy punching things when you are stressed out! This is one of our group fitness classes that you’ll just love. Boxercise is a fun, challenging and effective full body workout. This high intensity cardio session will lower stress levels, increase your metabolism and get the competitive chemicals flowing!

Through the use of boxing gear and various boxing techniques, we will help you focus your energy and concentration. You will also increase your discipline and focus.


This class is about intense training in short bursts. The exercises involve every muscle and your heart rate should be up throughout the class, with only short breaks in between training, this is one of those cardio classes you’ll love. You’ll get lean, toned, burn calories and relieve stress all at once. Form will also be a focus to ensure you’re doing everything correctly to maximise your results.



Indoor Body ToneIndoor Body Tone

The goal of this class is to help you build a strong foundation. So if you want to slim down, build long lean, tight muscles, shed those extra kilos then indoor body tone is for you. Strength training keeps your body continuing to burn fat throughout the rest of the day. Work on building strong muscles and joints and watch your results flourish.


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