Fresh Food

Paddington Health & Fitness supplies fresh, tasty and high quality meals direct to your door or pick up from our studio in Paddington, Brisbane or Miami, on the Gold Coast.

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  • Our mission is to inspire our  clientele to take control of their body, to help prevent disease and improve the quality of their life.
  • We do this by providing healthy, locally sourced, freshly prepared meals and supplements to enable time poor people to eat extremely healthy, the highest quality food.
  • To support our local farmers and supply the people within the local communities with chemical free, locally sourced fresh produce


  •  Everyone deserves the right to know what is going in our food
  • Our passion lies in helping people shift there spending from large conglomerates to supporting local farmers and local businesses.
  • To educate and inspire our clientele to make the best choice for themselves and there families.

Our long term vision

  • To help feed the homeless people firstly in Brisbane and then expanding a % of the business to continue to do so.
  • To buy land and produce organic quality food to feed our clients the best possible foods.
  • To create a community on the land we own of self sustaining houses that enable to less fortunate to build a life and help in our farms.

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