Fitness Boot Camp for women


Fitness Boot Camp for Women


The idea of a fitness boot camp for women only is not really a new idea. However, studies show that women are more likely to succeed in their fitness goals when there are no men Fitness Boot Camp for womeninvolved. It seems to make women more comfortable when they are working out with only other women to see them. 

In order to get the best possible results from a fitness boot camp the people taking part in the training have to feel comfortable. They need to be able to focus on the training and not worry about how others perceive them. This is more easily accomplished if the boot camps are gender specific.

Humans are naturally social animals. Our media coverage just makes this more pronounced. Think about the advertisements you have seen on television or the internet for fitness programs. What do the people performing the exercises look like to you? True, they are trying to sell the idea that you could look just as good as they do if you sign up for their program, but do they really look like they are putting in any serious effort to complete the exercises?

Wanting to look our best is not something that only women suffer from. However, by participating in a fitness boot camp for women only, this is one less thing that they have to distract them from the training they are receiving. Less distractions mean that it is easier to focus on the training and get the best possible results.

There is the added benefit that working with a group made up of the same gender allows women to make friends. It is much easier to ensure continued participation in a group once you have formed friendships with others. The friends you make in the group are also a good support base for you when you start to feel like giving up. Another benefit of working with a group that has the same or similar goals to your own means that you receive encouragement, not just from your trainer, but also from other group members, as well. 

Most fitness boot camps are held outdoors.  Not only are the fresh air and sunshine an added benefit, studies have shown that people exercising outdoors fell less stressed at the end of the session. People who exercised indoors reported feeling more stressed or just as stressed after exercising as they had before.

Most fitness boot camps consist of three to four sessions per week, for several consecutive weeks. While many gyms make use of machine assisted exercises, boot camps focus more on unassisted exercises. This allows the trainers to focus on a series of exercises that include all the muscles of the body instead of just one area.

Many participants in a fitness boot camp for women may be there to lose weight or tone muscles. By using a combination of stretches, cardio exercises, and aerobics the trainers at the boot camp can provide a program that covers both of these goals. Many women who have tried fitness boot camps return for more than one session.

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