The second key in achieving the health, fitness and vitality you know you are capable of. January is such an exciting time of the year, we’re a lot more focused and excited to achieve our goals.

In the first post we chatted about the importance of Goal Setting and how to go about it, if you missed it we placed it up on our website here: www.paddingtonpt.com.au/hitting-health-fitness-goals

The last post was about taking action on your goals, diving head first into your dream. You see when we are living our dreams we are happier and more fulfilled in our lives. In turn we are more open to helping our fellow human being. Ultimately we are all here for a purpose and one of those purposes is to make the world a better place. This starts from within by firstly helping ourselves become who we are meant to become, only then can we begin to help others.

My names Chris and I’m the owner of My Wellness Fix and Paddington Personal Training. My goal for 2015 is to help 500 people achieve OUTSTANDING results and transform their bodies inside and out to achieve the ultimate in 3 areas required for success physical, mental and spiritual health.

In the first email we discussed the number one key to achieving results. The next vital 3 keys will all be as critical as the last to help you continue along the path living your dream.

Let me share with you the second critical key in achieving profound health and fitness success.

Key 2 = Dream

Key 2 requires you to dive back into your childhood days when you were allowed to dream big. In the current world we live in, it seems so many don’t allow themselves to dream they truly can achieve what they desire. This is the first and most critical point, without a clear vision of precisely what you want to achieve, how do you ever expect to get there?

The sub-conscious mind is a wonderful tool that we can use to visualise and achieve virtually anything we desire in life. When used consistently with favourable information being fed, we can achieve whatever it is we desire. The infamous quote by Napoleon Hill rings true:

“Whatever the mind can conceive you can achieve.”

We dream about the next holiday we must go on. We spend time looking at the beautiful pictures and also imagining and feeling what it’ll be like to relax on one of the beautiful beaches in the world. We think and work on making those feelings and visions a reality and do so pretty much every day.

Sometimes it takes 6 months, 2 years or more for that seed to come to fruition. But if we focus on making that goal reality, nothing can get in the way. But I order to truly make this happen it needs to start with the dream. We must firstly see and feel it is possible. Only then will our sub-conscious mind be compelled to bring this dream into existence and become our reality.

This is EXACTLY how you bring your health, fitness and physical appearance goals to fruition.

However, quite often we run into certain issues along the path of working towards these goals:

1) Every day we look at ourselves in the mirror (Our reality). This reality is quite often very different to the vision we desire. So we begin to play tricks on our subconscious mind.

Whatever you think and feel will be your reality. What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? Think about next time you do so…

Most people say:

  1. a) “My Belly’s too big” or “My legs are wobbly” among others.
  2. b) “Wow I need to lose some weight”
  3. c) Or we aren’t even aware of what we are saying to ourselves at all!

Firstly we need to know what we are saying to ourselves daily. Then you need to replace them consciously first, with something like the following:

“Right now I am in the process of achieving _______Goal 1_______ and I will achieve these goals because each day I make the best choices for my body in order to live the health, strong and happy life I love.”

Self-talk can inspire you to visualise and set yourself on the path to achieve greatness. On the other hand (and unfortunately more often than we’d like to admit) it can also be THE dream killer. Whatever we say and feel inside creates the journey that we steer consciously or unconsciously, ourselves on. So use the above affirmation every day. Tip the scales in your favour by saying and feeling more positive emotions than negative ones and watch the magic start to happen.


Tell us your 2015 health goal and RECEIVE 2 PT Sessions

Our mission in 2015 is to inspire 100 local Brisbane residents to take complete control of their health and fitness in 2015. That means achieving outstanding results. A complete transformation is what we are looking for.

So to be a part of this fitness revolution head to our Facebook page and write your goals down in the following link: Facebook.com/PaddingtonPT



Whatever it was that stopped you from achieving your dream you MUST know that your dream matters. That it is possible. That you can achieve what it is you want. Yes you do have to want it bad. Bad enough that you WILL need to give up some things in order to achieve it. So dream big and achieve… You have greatness within you!

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