Corporate Fitness, great fun, multiple benefits:

The Paddington Corporate Fitness Program is our partnership with businesses across Queensland to answer the call for a comprehensive, cost-effective employee wellness program.

Why is Corporate Fitness Important?

With the ever increasing importance to improve employee productivity, reduce sickness and promote general health and wellbeing in the workplace, the team at Paddington Personal Training are dedicated to ensuring all the vitally important components are placed into a fun & enjoyable team building experience.

Quite often companies pass the cost onto employees and from just $12 PER WEEK employees are more than happy to be involved helping your company Look Great!

With over 70% of healthcare costs in Australia preventable, we lose on average $32 BILLION a year because premature illnesses, associated with cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity affect the bottom line of every business.

Whether you are looking for a One Day Team Building Session or a complete Wellness Program. Paddington Corporate Fitness Training Program has the answer for your business.

Our Corporate Fitness Special Offer

So why not take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER… The Paddington Corporate Fitness Team will compete a COMPLIMENTARY “Postural In The Workplace” Apprasial on your team. Allow just 30 minutes, the perfect “Lunch ‘n’ Learn Session” and we guarantee your employees will thank you!

This insight delivers an in depth approach into how much of an impact a quality Wellness Program will have in your business.

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