Welcome to the Corporate Health and Fitness Team Challenge!

Sessions Commence Monday 24th February 2014.

The Sessions:

The classes are small, personalised group training sessions which are located in MIlton & West End. We keep the sessions fun and exciting, so you’ll find the time passes quickly! Sessions involve cardio and strength training to help you be fitter, stronger and lose weight (plus tone muscles!).

We use equipment like boxing gloves, medicine balls and resistance bands to mix things up. Each session is designed to be different! We also stretch at the end of every session to help with increasing your flexibility and recovery time.

The Challenge:

The challenge will involve a series of exciting “anyone can do” challenges. Every week we have a different challenges that are designed for the complete beginner to intermediate exerciser. Therefore EVERYONE HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN THE MAJOR PRIZE! Teams of three will compete for the awesome prizes, so get your friends involved. If you don’t have a team of three that is fine, we’ll find you one!

The Prizes:

The size of the prize for the winning team will be determined by how many people total that are on the program. The more numbers, the better the prizes! Winning team members can choose which prize they prefer! Be sure to download the FREE INFORMATION PACK (fill in your details to the right).

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