Hear from those that have achieved amazing success on the 21 Day hCG Fat Elimination Cycle!

Saul Edmonds, 46 years

Claudia Botero

I decided to complete the 21-day challenge because I was overweight and now I decide to get in the process to get pregnant. So there was definitely no chance I was going to get pregnant with all those kilograms I was overweight. And then Chris showed me this good program to lose weight, 21 days, 7 kilos and so I told him why not I’ll give it go.

What results have you I achieved? I have lost 7.3 kilos and I am sooo happy! I never thought I was going to drop that amount of kilos. But yes you can do it! You have to just follow all the instructions, follow the diet and keep trying every day and you can do it!

What I like most about the program? All the support you have from Chris, Chris was always there to support you and say chin up, just continue, don’t give up. That’s something really important in this program and also learn a lot about yourself too. Plus, you make new friends as well, people that are going through the challenge at the same time. You can talk to them, you can share some ideas, I think that’s important from Chris and the rest of the team. I think that’s really good.

What do I say to those that think they couldn’t handle 500 calories? At the beginning, I was like, that’s not happening, I don’t think you could survive on 500 calories per day! It was really hard, especially the first week, but after that it becomes like a normal day. You don’t even know you are only having 500 calories, sometimes you have less and you don’t feel like you’re hungry or that you are having less than 500 calories. The drops really help you to control the hunger.

Another thing I liked about the program, Chris introduced me to meditation and yoga and/or to do something that helps you relax. This is a really good point and comes down to the support you receive in the program. Rather than just be constantly thinking “I’m hungry, I’m hungry, I should be eating” all the time.

What do you say to people looking to join the program? Just do it, just do it, don’t think about it. Just give yourself the opportunity to change your life and your lifestyle. See how the food can change your body and even the mental challenges – yeah, just do it. It’s not a waste of time or money, I think it’s the best money I’ve spent this year and I don’t regret anything. I’m so happy and thank you to Chris for introducing me to the program and I’m going to keep doing it because I want to lose another 7 kilos and I know I can do it!

Nicholas Wharton

Hi my name is Nick Wharton, I did the 21 day fat elimination cycle to lose a bit of extra weight that I just couldn’t get rid of through my normal training.

During the 21 day period I lost 7 kilos and several centimetres of fat around the body.

What I loved most about the program was watching the weight just strip off my body – it was so good!

For those that think they can’t do 500 calories per day in conjunction with hCG. Yeah it is tough, but when you know what times of day you get the hungriest, you can work around that and keep yourself busy. That’s what I found worked the best, just keeping yourself busy and occupied (cut the part where he says “how hungry you are”)

If you are looking at joining the program I say just do it, it’s well worth it. Thanks

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