Alkaline Supplements

Imagine a nail turning rusty—this same acidic process damages our cells and tissues, contributes to widespread dysfunction and lays the foundation for an alarming assortment of health problems ranging from heart disease and obesity to diabetes and chronic fatigue.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a movement growing in today’s world that is making people consider what they truly want in health—and life. It’s called the Alkaline Movement, and it is based on the science of pH scale.

When your body is in balance and alkaline, as opposed to out-of-balance and acidic, you can lose weight quickly and keep it off long term, improve your quality of sleep, naturally increase your energy, reduce joint and muscle discomfort, recover more quickly from your workouts, support your immune system and revitalize your health.

It’s time to discover optimal health and a better quality of life through SevenPoint2® and the Alkaline Movement! Check out the full range of products in our online store below.


AU $ 60.00

Detox Set

AU $ 155.00

Shake and greens

AU $ 149.00

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