We are so confident in our product and system, plus wish to help as many people as we can achieve the weight loss success they deserve, we put our money where our mouth is, with our 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee.Money back guarantee

Our promise to you is simple: follow through with your program as it is designed and intended and if after the 21 days you have not lost at least 7 kilograms – we will refund you every cent.

Our commitment to you is:

  • Provide you with the comprehensive manuals that contain detailed information on the program
  • Provide you with a list of food you can eat from
  • Provide you with recipe’s to make cooking easy
  • Provide you with hCG drops to last you the length of the program
  • Provide you with 3x 1-1 accountability sessions (1x 15 mins every week)
  • Coaching to provide you with the motivation, support, and encouragement
  • Access to your consultant via text message or phone call. We aim to respond within 12 hours to your questions.

Your commitment to the program:

  • Follow the proven 21 day fat elimination cycle to a tea, integrating all components.
  • Undertake in the 2 day pre-load phase as per the instructions
  • Complete the 19 day stage 2 phase, eating no more than 500 calories per day and only eating the foods as prescribed in the booklet
  • Complete stage 3 of the program. Stop taking the drops on day 22 and complete the final 3 days consuming 500 calories while the hCG is removed from your system
  • Take the drops as prescribed, 7 days per week, throughout the 21 day cycle
  • Use the application Calorie King or approved similar apps to track daily food intake. This must be sent to your consultant every 7 days.
  • Complete all three 1-1 accountability sessions with in the 21 day program and at least 5 days apart.
  • Undertake the Inbody Scan on the first day of the program and then on the 24th day as well.

If you have done the above in its entirety and haven’t achieved the goals set out and discussed with your consultant and haven’t lost at least 7 kgs we will provide you with your money back in full.

Note: In order to qualify for the guarantee you must be assessed by our Inbody Scan machine to be needing to lose at least 12 kilograms or more as set out in the “weight control” section of the assessment.

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